fredag 26. september 2008

Red kisses

Today was last day at school before falls one-week-off! Ida and I celabrated on our favorite cafè... The funny thing is that the reason we love it is because of their free and totally delicious jam. We often just share a scone and then we eat like, 3 cups of jam each... Anyway, the colors are just beautiful right now, really passionate... So why not paint your pout in this seasons color? I used a cliniqe lipliner called bonbon and the darkest estee lauder lipstick I could find, and discovered that the new pout made me quite romantic... This lipstick will certainly leave some marks! kisses Hannah <3

onsdag 24. september 2008

Wild in the woods

Wild in the woods

Feel the fall

We are now as ready for the fall as we can be. Tomorrow I am going shopping, and I simply can't wait to ad another pair of beautiful winter boots or a new scarf or a new coat. Of course we will take lots of pictures of the things we get and show you! It's going to be great!
we can't wait!
xx lots of kisses

fredag 19. september 2008

Cherry, cherry

Today I stopped by my favorite beautyshop and bought a delicious lipgloss. It's from Este Lauder and it smells like candy! I love the berry color and how it feels so soft, not sticky at all. For some time now I have sticked religiously to a pink lipstick from MAC, but with a new season ahead I wanted something darker. I have always loved lipgloss, but you get kind of tired of getting your hair all over your mouth every time it's blowing! But apart from the hair thing, I must say that I love shiny lips.

I really wanted to show you how it looked like, but at the moment I am feeling sick, and would never justify the gorgeous color. So, I drew a quick drawing...

mandag 15. september 2008

Does anyone live around here?

After a quite exhausting weekend, I was thrilled to escape. There is no better place to do so than my summer house. Dressed up in one of the 15 straw hats we store there, my grandpa's sweater, woolstockings and paint-stained wellingtons I finally felt comfy and relaxed. I decided to go for a walk in my vagabond outfit. And there, all alone in the forest except for a little mouse, I missed people.

fredag 12. september 2008

Fall in the Forest

We have fallen in love with the beautiful hats, belts and patterns of this fall season.

Silent Lake

We took some pictures where Ida just looks gorgeous. Just like a forest fairy...