fredag 19. september 2008

Cherry, cherry

Today I stopped by my favorite beautyshop and bought a delicious lipgloss. It's from Este Lauder and it smells like candy! I love the berry color and how it feels so soft, not sticky at all. For some time now I have sticked religiously to a pink lipstick from MAC, but with a new season ahead I wanted something darker. I have always loved lipgloss, but you get kind of tired of getting your hair all over your mouth every time it's blowing! But apart from the hair thing, I must say that I love shiny lips.

I really wanted to show you how it looked like, but at the moment I am feeling sick, and would never justify the gorgeous color. So, I drew a quick drawing...

1 kommentar:

Susanne sa...

Peen tegning! Jeg elsker det fargen, og den er såå deg.