tirsdag 28. oktober 2008

Hello halloween

Halloween is comming up and we took some pictures inspired of Givenchy and Ysl with the dark goth-like colours. We also tried to look good (the typical halloween style, scary, byt yet sexy haha;)), but sadly we ended up looking more scary and insane than we would have wanted, haha..:) but still, it's fun to dress up!
Anyway, if you have seen "The wizard of Oz" you might se that we look quite similar to the green witch. Haha <3

mandag 27. oktober 2008

Uniform yourself

We love the tough military look, it's so cool! At the runway we saw beautiful models dressed in uniform jackets and they showed us so many inspiring ways to wear a military inspired outfit. Check out brands like Moschino, Temperly and Ralhp Lauren (for example) at style.com (autumn collections 08).

You can combine military jackets with long leather boots and you'll look so cool! If you want, you can soften the look with a few feminine details, like for example a blouse, or as we did, with long stockings and a pink lipstick <3

fredag 24. oktober 2008

Holy holiday!

Thank god for the holidays! I spent a whole wonderful week in spain, as i always do every atumn holiday. I visit my grandfather's house, which is amazing, and I always have a marbeles time! This year, I went with my beautiful blonde cousin, Kathrine.

Of course, there are a lot of great places to shop in Spain, if you are looking for cheap and chic, go to zara (which is even cheaper in spain), mango, stardivarus, berskha. If you are willing to pay a bit more, we definately recomend you visit the spanish brand Massimo Dutti. It's offers clothing and accesories for both men and women. We are huge fans. The best MD shops are to find in Barcelona:)but we found one in Benidorm as well;)

Spain is soo beautiful! These pictures are taken in Alaz del pi, Benidorm and other places in the Costa Blanca area. <3


Ida and I are so sorry we have not had the chance to post anything this week. Everything have been all to hectic! it seems like the teachers have decided to have all the big prosjects at the same time. So I really needed to go shopping, but since I wasn't finished on working with a theater prosject on the entertainers in the middel-age before about seven, most stores was closed. Yet I had to have a sneak-peek into Mulberry's shop window. Ida and I love Mulberry, and my ideal purse is the big, brown bayswater... ahh.. If I am in a bad mood, I just poop in and lift the purse up and hold on to it for a minute or so. That is the best kind of therapy I can think of.

I wore my vintage blouse and a pearl necklace. As you see, I am looking quite tired, so I really needed the Bayswater-therapy.
Have a nice weekend! love Hannah <3

lørdag 18. oktober 2008

Wet and Cold

I was walking my dog with my little sister when it started raining. We where about half an our from home, without an umbrella. I have not been this cold an wet in a very long time. On top of the rain it began to thunder. Surrounded by trees I have to admit I felt pretty unsecure. However, this jacket at least kept my shoulders dry.

torsdag 16. oktober 2008

A doll's house

Hannah and I went to see one of the most famous plays in Norway written by the most famous norwegian writer, Henrik Ibsen. The play, "A doll's house" is wonderful and very exciting. They put it up all over the world, so we recomend you to go and see it. We saw it at "Oslo Nye", a theater in Oslo.
we had to ad some pictures of a beautiful doll house which belongs to hannah's cute little sister. We simply adore it, hope you do too.
Lots of kisses from us

lørdag 11. oktober 2008

Ready to wear

Don't know about you guys, but we simply loved the DKNY "ready to wear" fall 08 collection. It's perfect for cute and fashionable girls just like oss:) We loved the little short dresses with beautiful fabrics with the colours of the autumn combined with black tights, high heels and tough leather jackets. Our favourite on the runway was definately the beautiful normegian top model Siri tollerød! Again we strongly recomend that you check out the collection at www.Style.com
kisses from Hannah and Ida

Be cool

Hannah and I took some pictures inspired by the Givenchy "ready to wear" fall collection 08. We think it's really cool and that you all sholud check out Givenchy fall at www.style.com, but first, take a look at our pictures and notice the blazer, the beautifil leather gloves and last but not least; the leather pants! What do you think? Are you going to do like Kate Moss and buy leather pants this autumn or not?
xoxo Ida

torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Bare faced

I have had blemished skin for some time now, and just as you one day have to accept that your legs never will be long and hot, I have accepted that this is something I have to live with. I have to some extend tried to conceal it, but I have not covered my face up in foundation. I have applied a bit concealer where needed, and then brushed on som i.d. mineral powder. Every morning and night I have used cleanser, toner and lotion. I have learned to live with it, but some weeks ago my skin went from ok to bad. That I could not accept, so I booked a facial.
Today was the day of the facial, and the lovely facialist peeled and polished and squeezed until I almost cried. Now she sounds horrible, but she was really nice and had the most amazing skin. I will have another hour of horror in about two weeks because the facialist said "Let's put an end to this...", and she gave me a discount! She is just the best!
I have to start using a serum with acid from MD Formulations and say good-bye to my beloved clinique. (Not because clinique is doing the harm, I just need something stronger to kill the acne.)I am looking forward to a future where I don't need to accept blemished skin! prospects not looking good right now, I am red as a tomato...

This is me, bare faced, the day after my facial... I thought it might be funny to have a "before" picture so that I can compare!
xxx Hannah

søndag 5. oktober 2008

The Last Bloom

I am so sorry we haven't updated for so long, but you see, Ida has been in Spain and I have been at my cottage... I bet Ida has some pictures from Spain, and before the fall-break we went shopping and took some really great pictures... coming soon...
Just arrived from the country, and in the driveway some beautiful roses welcomed me. Here in Norway it is really cold right now, so it's a miracle that they still are blooming! My guess is that winter is here any minute, so I thought this might be my last chance to wear my cute rose tights.

This beauty have the most delicious scent, it smells like peach and candy...
love Hannah