lørdag 29. november 2008

casually dressed up

kisses to you from hannah and ida

we <3 sequins
pink leather purse from h&m

The little black dress!
If marilyn monroe was a brunette, she'd look like this;)

onsdag 26. november 2008

Sugar, spice and everything nice...

My muffin Kama Sofie and I was in the mood for cupcakes... so we dressed up in our pretty housewife dresses, high red heels and painted our lips with the colour of love. We ended up with these delicious sugar bombs...

Your sugar rush will be cured after one of these...

Want one?

You wouldn't be able to eat more than one!

Bella fell for Kama Sofie...

...and we fell in love with housekeeping.

Hannah <3

mandag 24. november 2008

is androgynity the new femininity?

In the weekend I saw Annie Hall (picture from style.com)! It was really inspirational! I love Woody Allen, he is so funny and intelligent. Diane Keating looks amazing as Annie Hall, and all the grandpa vests, ties and baggy chions looks ultra cool. The look is very relaxed, but wearing it she looks intellectual and sexy. Today I was inspired by the movie, so I wore some menswear. I wish I had a bigger shirt and a black tie, but I did the best I could. I thought I would feel less feminine wearing it, but acctually I felt more like a woman than in a long time. It's like the menswear works like a contrast.I hope you had an amazing weekend! Love, Hannah <3

torsdag 20. november 2008

a normal wednesday (..)

We took these pictures yesterday at our friend Mikaela's house. Hope you like it, p.s check out the shoes, the fab feet (and legs;)) belong to Eva, Julie and Mikaela:)

Kisses from Ida <3 Stine <3 and me, look at the picture in the background. Look's almost real

sexy! from left: kamilla, stine, maria

Stine in a beautiful dress from the danish designer Malene Birger.

from left; mikalea, hannah, kama

kama is lookin' gooood <3

eva in the sofa:) beautiful legs don't you think so?!

tirsdag 18. november 2008

I Want Candy...

We had a school project about the classical theater, and then we saw Mari Antoinette. It's not like we haven't seen it before, Ida and I love it, but I have been so into candy-colors afterwards. I took these pictures of things I love in candy hues.
What I love about Marie Antoinette is that I can relate to her as a young girl. The shopping, partying and all the pretty things that she fills her live with is just the same things and activities I fill my live with. When my life is stuffed with material beauty I am not any happier, my room is just way much messier. So if you like me is tired of all the stuff, buy less and give more. Lately I am trying to convince myself with that my identity is not defined upon what I have, it is my actions that defines who I am. If you think that sounds too boring, you can, like me calm yourself with the fact that it's better both for your financial condition and for the planet. The song "I Want Candy - Bow Wow Wow" and some seriouse window shopping will cheer you up! Happy shop-stop!
xxx Hannah

søndag 16. november 2008

The many ways to do lace...

I am really obsessed with lace lately... I love the way it symbolizes both grief, sensuality, innocence, religion and bad taste at the same time. When you wear lace you are dressed and undressed at the same time. I really like that thought. Prada had some lovely lace this season which was very interesting because the look was so conservative. I loved the blouses at Givenchy and the lace dress at Stella McCartney... But if I should pick one show, the Alexander McQueen show was the highlight for me. The gothic lace at the start of the show made me fall in love.

The church was the first to use lace, so I think it a paradox that we use it to look sexy... I love lace underwear, especially white for some reason...
This is my favorite lace blouse and a bolero with lace details. They are both vintage from Tonica Vintage.
Love Hannah

torsdag 13. november 2008

singin' in the ..sun

Casually dressed for a walk in the beautiful autumn sun! I know the summer is over and that's bad and everything, but I must say I really like the autumn too:) I had wonderful time, and spent the rest of the day seeing old films with some friends. My favourite actress is Audery Hepburn, and among the all time favourite films are; roman holiday, breakfast at tiffany's, paris when it sizzles, funny face, my fair lady, sabrina. Other old favourite films of mine are casa blanca, singin' in the rain, the pink panther films and many others.
Lots of kisses xx ida

søndag 9. november 2008

Goddess dress and leatherjacket

This is what I wore on Thursday, but I haven't had time to post it yet. The dress is my grandmothers, and I can't wait to use it in the summer. I thought it might look cool with boots and leatherjacket.
xxx Hannah

fredag 7. november 2008

Lace, tea and Marie Antoinette

Today I was at the National Gallery and saw all the beautiful paitings. The Madonna and Scream by Munch was up on the wall again, and I had a wonderful time. I wore my very comfortable Cheap Monday jeans, some cool sandals and a off-the-shoulder vintage blouse with a lace trim. Isn't it adorable?

I also went to Salon de Thé. The restaurant is in the french room, and was a gift from France to Norway. It is decorated with green marble and some statues. One illustrates Marie Antoinette. The room was resently renovated by the achitect Kristin Jarmund. She has done an amazing job. The pink cube and the green marble works wonderful together! Wallpaper have even called it a design masterpiece. I loved it, loved it, loved it! When I sat there enjoying my tea, I kind of felt like Marie Antoinette in the movie by Sofia Coppola. That film is one of my favorites! I tried a very interesting tea which tasted like campfire. I realize that it sounds pretty dreadful, but it acctually tasted kind of good. It was called Lapsang souchong, and you should really try it just because it was so different. I guess it is almost like drinking a fine wine, a experience. Only that I love wine, and this was... more campfire-ish... Ida is in Kiel right now, and I am really enviouse, but she deserves it. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!
Kisses Hannah <3>

tirsdag 4. november 2008

Blushing beauty

Hannah and I took some pictures of eachother to show you the makeup we have fallen in love with this season. We hope you like it too!
xxx Ida

Getting ready to go: Pink, shiny lipgloss from Clinique with the best plumping effect, foundation from mac, rouge from Chanel, mascara from Dior.

The "Audrey Hepburn" look, with pale skin, lashes and lots of eyeliner.

Eyeliner and mascara from Dior, concealer from YSL, foundation from Mac also used on the lips, lipstick from Esteé Lauder.

The suntanned beauty!

Foundation from mac, Terracotta summer stones and Suns sheer bronzing blush from Guerlain, lipgloss from Clinique and mascara from Max factor.

The gothic thrill! Pale skin and dark lips inspired by Ysl fall 08, foundation and purple lipstick from mac, concealer from YSL, powder from i.d. bare minerals and lipliner from H&M.


Please, kiss me here!

Gloss and mascara from Dior, foundation from max factor, concealer from Esteé Lauder.

Ready for the evening.

Classic red lipstick Estee lauder, powder from i.d bare minerals, subtle rouge on the cheekbones from Chanel and mascara from Dior (diorshow)

mandag 3. november 2008

Inspiration board summer 09

I love planning which trends to go for and what to by. I consider myself a real nerd when it comes to lists. My black moleskin notebook is filled whit list on what I want, what I need and what I like. I also like to make collages on what I am inspired by, which designers I like and everything pretty. So, just because you can never plan anything to early, here is my summer 09 inspiration board. Sorry if the quality is not tip-top, but my scanner didn't work, so I had to take picture of my little book.
xxx Hannah

søndag 2. november 2008

Dark Night

Are we looking scary or what?? We celebraited Halloween with a bunch of our bestfriends, and so many of them was looking really cool! So we decided to post some pictures of their outfits.

Don't you just love the costumes?? We love the russian hat Mikaela is wearing and Kama's doll look. She had the hottest stockings ever! Anyway, hope you had a nice... sorry, scary Halloween as well!

Dark kisses from Ida and Hannah