søndag 22. februar 2009

Long time, no see / OFW

It's been way too long! way too long... I don't really know how to explain it, but i guess we just haven't had enought energi. Our schedules have been packed with theater practice, homework and more homework, but lets talk about something a bit more fun. FASHION! Here in Oslo it's been fashion week, and Ida and I went to see Elise Birkeland, but we forgot our camera... But I also went to another one with Iselin Engan! I went with Susanne who has the blog In Style of Susanne.
The show was great, a bit dark angel I thought with the blacks and whites. There was some impressive well-cut jackets and flowing silk dresses. Loved it! Susanne and I agreed that we wanted the brockade top and skirt.

Here I am in my Karl Lagerfeld for H&M dress, vintage purse and earrings. They are my favorite, makes everything a bit more interesting. What do you think about the red lipstick? I have to admit that I not always feel quite myself wearing it..

Even if the clothes was amazing, the most exiting thing was that the norwegian supermodel Iselin Sterio did the show! I think she is amazing!
I am terrible sorry we haven't posted anything this year, but Ida and I will have some exiting news soon, so I hope you all gives us a second chance!

Love, Hannah

2 kommentarer:

Demi sa...

thank you very much, honey :)

ahh, so jealous you got to go to a fashion show!
the red lipstick looks great on you, and I love the colour of your dress!


Franco sa...

THAT'S JUST WHAT HAPPENED TO Me AND blogging, one day I was posting and about how I have new inspiration for my blog and then bam the next month no posts whatsoever, you have to learn to get back it took me a while but you can do it.
lovely fashion dear.