lørdag 27. desember 2008

Red dreams

Red is the color of love, and christmas offcourse... it's the color of live, death, desire and happiness. Red can be sexy, red can be emotional. I really wish I had more red in my closet!
Hope you all had a nice christmas! love, Hannah

8 kommentarer:

FrkTetlie sa...

Herlige bilder:)

Kristine sa...

rødt er så nydeligt <3

Demi sa...

thank you for your lovely comment honey! and yes, i'm like pink-crazy! haha
beautiful photos!

and I hope you had a wonderful christmas too

Susanne sa...

elsker bildene. hørte at du hadde vært mye syk ja, stakkars deg. håper du har det bedre nå, og at du koser deg med ferie! <3 puss

Dru!!! sa...

happy holidays! I finally had a chance to sit down and comment back, so just wanted to say thanks for the comment on wewearthings!

Tuesdai Noelle sa...

Hmmmm Red Dreams?

(For me)Pink :O)

Pink is the colour of happiness, bubblegum drops & according to my eyes *smile* strawberry lip gloss.

Pink can be flirty, playful & sweet....basically a colour I wear that showcases my personality the BEST! Maybe, all of my clothes don't need to be pink :O)...though, I feel that's greatest lol.

Hope your Christmas was wonderful also :O)


Line. sa...

Søte bilder ;D

Trish sa...

Wow, really cool pictures! Merry Christmas! :)