fredag 5. desember 2008

A very stressful week...

Ida and I are so sorry we haven't posted anything this week! It's just been crazy with tests, theatre practice and family... Today I woke up way to late and then I remebered that we had a math test so I was pretty stressed out. But since a already was way to late anyway, I decided that it was no reason to hurry. On my way to school I bought a chai latte to go in my favorite coffie place called Kaffa. They make the best coffie every, and I adore their Chai Latte! If you live in Oslo you should really pay a visit some time! On my way home I popped by Gimle Perfumery to by myself a christmas present. I bought a Esteé lauder parfume called Private Collection Amber Ylang Ylang. I absolutely love it! Gimle has the best service ever, and I could been there all day!

You can read more about the perfume at Esteé Lauder
Hope all of you have had a nice week! Tomorrow I am going christmas shopping!
xxx Hannah

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