torsdag 13. november 2008

singin' in the ..sun

Casually dressed for a walk in the beautiful autumn sun! I know the summer is over and that's bad and everything, but I must say I really like the autumn too:) I had wonderful time, and spent the rest of the day seeing old films with some friends. My favourite actress is Audery Hepburn, and among the all time favourite films are; roman holiday, breakfast at tiffany's, paris when it sizzles, funny face, my fair lady, sabrina. Other old favourite films of mine are casa blanca, singin' in the rain, the pink panther films and many others.
Lots of kisses xx ida

3 kommentarer:

Franco sa...

ooh Lovely outfit,
yes fall is quite something
I like the pretty colors.

Ella sa...

Kjempefint antrekk!

Jeg har faktisk ikke sett noen av de gamle klassikerne, det er en skam!

Miss Karen sa...

Gorgeous photos! I love the yellow/orange tones, they capture the autumn feeling so well.