tirsdag 4. november 2008

Blushing beauty

Hannah and I took some pictures of eachother to show you the makeup we have fallen in love with this season. We hope you like it too!
xxx Ida

Getting ready to go: Pink, shiny lipgloss from Clinique with the best plumping effect, foundation from mac, rouge from Chanel, mascara from Dior.

The "Audrey Hepburn" look, with pale skin, lashes and lots of eyeliner.

Eyeliner and mascara from Dior, concealer from YSL, foundation from Mac also used on the lips, lipstick from Esteé Lauder.

The suntanned beauty!

Foundation from mac, Terracotta summer stones and Suns sheer bronzing blush from Guerlain, lipgloss from Clinique and mascara from Max factor.

The gothic thrill! Pale skin and dark lips inspired by Ysl fall 08, foundation and purple lipstick from mac, concealer from YSL, powder from i.d. bare minerals and lipliner from H&M.


Please, kiss me here!

Gloss and mascara from Dior, foundation from max factor, concealer from Esteé Lauder.

Ready for the evening.

Classic red lipstick Estee lauder, powder from i.d bare minerals, subtle rouge on the cheekbones from Chanel and mascara from Dior (diorshow)

10 kommentarer:

Franco sa...

ooh hawt chics you two r

Sabina sa...

cute pics x

Karoline sa...

gud så nydelig make-up!<3

Lilium sa...

Pent ^^

mermaid sa...

i love the classic red lipstick! my fav <33

Susanne sa...

Gosh! Dere ser så bra ut. Jeg elsker de første bildene, og Ida, håret ditt er så vakkert!

Miss Karen sa...

Wow what awesome photos! I love all these looks :D

Monica sa...

Så flinke dere er!

yiqin; sa...

You look great in liptstick!!! Beautiful makeup :)

Ella sa...

Det nederste bildet var sinnsykt fint!