torsdag 20. november 2008

a normal wednesday (..)

We took these pictures yesterday at our friend Mikaela's house. Hope you like it, p.s check out the shoes, the fab feet (and legs;)) belong to Eva, Julie and Mikaela:)

Kisses from Ida <3 Stine <3 and me, look at the picture in the background. Look's almost real

sexy! from left: kamilla, stine, maria

Stine in a beautiful dress from the danish designer Malene Birger.

from left; mikalea, hannah, kama

kama is lookin' gooood <3

eva in the sofa:) beautiful legs don't you think so?!

4 kommentarer:

Franco sa...

there some great looking ladies up in there1
very prety y'all are

Severn sa...

Those green satin shoes are super cute :)

ellijelly sa...

så fine ben og bilder ^^

Susanne sa...

Dere ser herlige ut alle sammen!