mandag 27. oktober 2008

Uniform yourself

We love the tough military look, it's so cool! At the runway we saw beautiful models dressed in uniform jackets and they showed us so many inspiring ways to wear a military inspired outfit. Check out brands like Moschino, Temperly and Ralhp Lauren (for example) at (autumn collections 08).

You can combine military jackets with long leather boots and you'll look so cool! If you want, you can soften the look with a few feminine details, like for example a blouse, or as we did, with long stockings and a pink lipstick <3

6 kommentarer:

Kama, Ingrid, Stine Marie, Ragnhild og Martine sa...

Oi! Fett! Hvor har du fått tak i den lua Hannah?
Hilsen Kama.

Susanne sa...

Nederste bilde var fett Hannah!

The Daily Masquerade sa...

Det er Idas gamle korpslue:p

Franco sa...

ah, the military look, with todAY'S WAR we are seeing military styles more and more everyday

Paul Pincus sa...

i love these images.

makes me think of rineke dijkstra. the genius photographer.

Anonym sa...

Awesome photos! You look great :)

And hooray for black eyeliner - I can't live without it!