fredag 24. oktober 2008


Ida and I are so sorry we have not had the chance to post anything this week. Everything have been all to hectic! it seems like the teachers have decided to have all the big prosjects at the same time. So I really needed to go shopping, but since I wasn't finished on working with a theater prosject on the entertainers in the middel-age before about seven, most stores was closed. Yet I had to have a sneak-peek into Mulberry's shop window. Ida and I love Mulberry, and my ideal purse is the big, brown bayswater... ahh.. If I am in a bad mood, I just poop in and lift the purse up and hold on to it for a minute or so. That is the best kind of therapy I can think of.

I wore my vintage blouse and a pearl necklace. As you see, I am looking quite tired, so I really needed the Bayswater-therapy.
Have a nice weekend! love Hannah <3

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♥ fashion chalet sa...

Wow, thank you.
And yes, Mulberry is a great way of therapizing! ;)

xo/ fashion chalet

Hot Bot sa...

Dead fish? Don't be so hard on yourself girl!

Good form of therapy. I do the same thing on every floor of Neiman Marcus.