torsdag 9. oktober 2008

Bare faced

I have had blemished skin for some time now, and just as you one day have to accept that your legs never will be long and hot, I have accepted that this is something I have to live with. I have to some extend tried to conceal it, but I have not covered my face up in foundation. I have applied a bit concealer where needed, and then brushed on som i.d. mineral powder. Every morning and night I have used cleanser, toner and lotion. I have learned to live with it, but some weeks ago my skin went from ok to bad. That I could not accept, so I booked a facial.
Today was the day of the facial, and the lovely facialist peeled and polished and squeezed until I almost cried. Now she sounds horrible, but she was really nice and had the most amazing skin. I will have another hour of horror in about two weeks because the facialist said "Let's put an end to this...", and she gave me a discount! She is just the best!
I have to start using a serum with acid from MD Formulations and say good-bye to my beloved clinique. (Not because clinique is doing the harm, I just need something stronger to kill the acne.)I am looking forward to a future where I don't need to accept blemished skin! prospects not looking good right now, I am red as a tomato...

This is me, bare faced, the day after my facial... I thought it might be funny to have a "before" picture so that I can compare!
xxx Hannah

3 kommentarer:

Susanne sa...

Haha! Facial. Real pain.

May Kasahara sa...

I've been battling acne FOREVER.

The thing that has helped me most are zinc supplements. Also check out Nucelle Mandelic serum. This helped me a lot as well - especially with scars.

The Daily Masquerade sa...

thanks may kasahara! The worst thing is, if you like me can not resist picking, to have scars on top of everything else.. <3